About MA TE

Born 8.8.1995 in Xi'An China

I call my Photography an “ Emotional Documentary”.

Walking under so many faces.
Where ever I look there is the noise of Emotions.

I don’t judge bad or good I just collect
them like raindrops on my skin.
They all vibrate in shades of feelings.
I try to close my eyes, they stay and ask me
to give them a form.

Past and present those Pictures are time travelers.
China is in an War of Times.

I apologize for my selfishness and steal a part of your Soul
but I’m afraid of death
so I preserve everything what touches me into a photograph.

Youth is long as a smile.

What comes after I can not care and I don’t need for now.

What I need is a move of my Finger
so I can capture you and hold you with me.

No need to remember because I can
always see you...

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About MA TE
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